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Mushrooms and Toadstools -compare every offer

9780007147120 - Patrick Harding: Mushrooms (Collins GEM)
Patrick Harding (?):

Mushrooms (Collins GEM) (2003) (?)

ISBN: 9780007147120 (?) or 0007147120, in english, 256 pages, Collins, Paperback, Used

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This identification handbook describes over 230 species of mushrooms and toadstools that are commonly found in Britain and Europe. Portable and clear, it is a useful guide for those who collect mushrooms. Each mushroom or toadstool entry includes: photograph/artwork and a clear description of what it looks like; details of size, habitat and season when it can be found; an indication of whether it is edible or poisonous; and the names of similar species with which the mushrooms or toadstools could be confused, and details of the differences between them. paperback, Label: Collins, Collins, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2003-04-07, Studio: Collins
Platform order number ukBkyu0aQzM3nUJ7Eccgeoi%2FVgQH p5DObkC187hwTASfa9zHMBHEZhLajI GnLb7OpNbr88lnbBw2BBrtUNFzKy2r jLRXAcRC4iPSQM%2FSZr5kG8DE6ong vTSK9WVVGMH6GE6A16CSAcKe91ijIt dCiskl4f2UhFEX
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9780007147120 - Patrick Harding: Mushrooms and Toadstools
Patrick Harding (?):

Mushrooms and Toadstools (?)

ISBN: 9780007147120 (?) or 0007147120, in english, HarperCollins Publishers, Paperback, New

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Mushrooms-and-Toadstools~~Patrick-Harding, Mushrooms and Toadstools
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Seller order number: 9780007147120
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ISBN (alternative notations): 0-00-714712-0, 978-0-00-714712-0


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