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ISBN: 9783958292390

9783958292390 - Jerry Spagnoli: Regard
Jerry Spagnoli (?):

Regard (?)

ISBN: 9783958292390 (?) or 3958292399, in english, New

ISK 8,220 ( 60.00)¹(free shipping, without obligation)
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From Seller/Antiquarian
Regard, Between May and September 2012, Jerry Spagnoli photographed the myriad faces of people transfixed by an enormous electronic billboard above New Yorks Times Square. Regard, the result of this ambitious documentary undertaking, is a visual chronicle presenting almost 500 faces of great cultural and individual diversity.The particular billboard in question was set up to periodically display an image of the crowd beneath it. Pedestrians would wander by, absorbed in their thoughts, before noticing the billboard and pausing to search for their images. On finding themselves, many marked the occasion with an obligatory selfie. Spagnoli recorded these processes and the emotions of expectation and delight they elicit, creating an intricate collective portrait.
Seller order number: 50703518
Platform order number e8fa9d7633566a937b431269e47d7d 27
Category: Bücher / Fremdsprachige Bücher / Englische Bücher
Keywords: Bücher
Data from 01/01/2017 20:23h
ISBN (alternative notations): 3-95829-239-9, 978-3-95829-239-0
9783958292390 - Jerry Spagnoli: Jerry Spagnoli: Regard
Jerry Spagnoli (?):

Jerry Spagnoli: Regard (?)

ISBN: 9783958292390 (?) or 3958292399, unknown language, Steidl Publishers, hardcover, New

ISK 7,865 (£ 48.95)¹(free shipping, without obligation)
From Seller/Antiquarian
Jerry Spagnoli: Regard: Hardback: Steidl Verlag: 9783958292390: 27 Apr 2017
Seller order number: 9783958292390
Platform order number 9783958292390
Data from 01/01/2017 20:23h
ISBN (alternative notations): 3-95829-239-9, 978-3-95829-239-0


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