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Global History Of Modern Historiography -compare every offer

Georg G Iggers (?):

Global History Of Modern Historiography (2010) (?)

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ISBN: 9788131728000 (?) or 8131728005, in english, 448 pages, Pearson Education, Paperback, New

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So far histories of historiography have concentrated almost exclusively on the West. This is the first book to offer a history of modern historiography from a global perspective. Tracing the transformation of historical writings over the past two and half centuries, the book portrays the transformation of historical writings under the effect of professionalization, which served as a model not only for Western but also for much of non-Western historical studies. At the same time it critically examines the reactions in post-modern and post-colonial thought to established conceptions of scientific historiography. A main theme of the book is how historians in the non-Western world not only adopted or adapted Western ideas, but also explored different approaches rooted in their own cultures. paperback, संस्करण: First, लेबल: Pearson Education, Pearson Education, उत्पाद समूह: Book, प्रकाशित: 2010, स्टूडियो: Pearson Education, बिक्री रैंक: 112340
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Keywords: Africa, Ancient, Asia, Europe, Indian History, Latin America, Middle East, Military, United States, Books, Textbooks, Humanities
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ISBN (alternative notations): 81-317-2800-5, 978-81-317-2800-0


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