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9935906701 - Christian Matari: The Never Born
Christian Matari (?):

The Never Born (?)

ISBN: 9935906701 (?) or 9789935906700, unknown language, OZ OM Books, Used

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used books,books, Locus Origin - The Never Born, Over a century after the seedship Lazarus completed its near 1,200 year journey, the Terran colonies found themselves in conflict with a hostile alien race. In a world decimated by a long, drawn-out war where a never-ending stream of fresh clones are fed to the Terran war machine, a genetically engineered squad of soldiers must fight to survive against all odds. When society is ruled from behind the scenes by massive corporate conglomerates that control powerful secret organizations and even the very Republic itself, the clones will come to question the world they live in, their fellow soldiers, and even the very nature of their existence. What's more, they must struggle to establish their own identities in a world that has little respect for human life, and even less for that of a clone.
9789935906700 - Christian Matari: Locus Origin - The Never Born
Christian Matari (?):

Locus Origin - The Never Born (?)

ISBN: 9789935906700 (?) or 9935906701, unknown language, OZ OM Books, Paperback, New

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Locus-Origin-The-Never-Born~~Christian-Matari, Locus Origin - The Never Born, paperback