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Iceland Road Guide (2015) (?)

ISBN: 9789935925497 (?) or 9935925498, in english, Vegahandbokin, New

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Iceland Road Guide from Vegahandbókin, an exceptionally comprehensive, 605-page guide with region-by-region descriptions of sites accompanied by road maps and street plans, plus a separate road atlas section covering the whole country at 1:500,000 and information on a wide variety of tourism relating topics to help the user get the best of their visit to the country.The main, over 500-page long guide section divides Iceland into nine regions and, since most visitors explore the country by car, presents the descriptions arranged by road numbers, E.g. for travellers along road number 261 leading from Highway 1 into the interior the book lists or describes all locations along the route, from one or two words for individual farms to more detailed comments about interesting topographic features, historical sites, etc. The round-Iceland circuit along the Highway 1 gets a chapter to itself. The descriptions are placed next to road maps, mostly at around 1:100,000; where useful street plans are also provided. Both the road maps and the plans are annotated with a wide range of symbols highlighting accommodation options, restaurants, information centres, petrol stations and car repairs, hiking and other recreational locations, etc. Whilst at first glance this not often used format of presentation may appear a bit confusing to follow, it is quickly apparent that it is very well suited to exploring Iceland by car. The atlas section presents the country at 1:500,000 on mapping with bold altitude colouring to indicate the topography, using the same icon range to highlight places of tourist interest. The guide includes several additional maps of the whole country providing at-a-glance information useful for route planning: roadside rest areas, accommodation options, information centres, historic buildings, etc. Also included are notes on numerous other topics such as driving regulations, geothermal pools, medical help and the risk of avalanches, photos of animals, etc, plus adverts for various national and local services. The guide, with all the text in English only, is currently in its 14th, 2015 edition. 16.5x24cm
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