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The Wineland Millennium: Saga and Evidence - compare all offers

9789979320357 - Pall Bergporsson, Translator: Anna Yates: The Wineland Millennium: Saga and Evidence
Pall Bergporsson, Translator: Anna Yates (?):

The Wineland Millennium: Saga and Evidence (2001) (?)

ISBN: 9789979320357 (?) or 9979320354, unknown language, 304 pages, Mal Og Menning,Iceland, hardcover, Used

ISK 3,691 (£ 22.75)¹ + Shipping: ISK 485 (£ 2.99)¹ = ISK 4,176 (£ 25.74)¹(without obligation)
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From Seller/Antiquarian, Kate H
hardcover, Label: Mal Og Menning,Iceland, Mal Og Menning,Iceland, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2001-01-15, Freigegeben: 2001-01-15, Studio: Mal Og Menning,Iceland, Verkaufsrang: 5817764
Platform order number Amazon.co.uk: %2FN3jc2wqUXjb%2FphpyMgelIll9w ki7BGhF5H1sNfPe7apqDl9DTAJlOIf zGPOmF2mVZV3tpk%2BA6y3OHI8mBLA MK0QrH87LgSdEDjcqu89k30lMTGK0g JXR8eMf0LIR%2BFx5g%2B6qPCo9voz c%2FSYOqNmIw%3D%3D
Keywords: Colonial, Independence 1501-1800, Civil War, American Indian Wars, Pioneers 1801-1900, Early 20th Century 1901-1913, Inter-war Period 1919-1938, Post-war Period, 1946-Present, War Of Independence, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, American Civil War, Canada, Mexico, Native Americans, Books, History, North America, Other Historical Subjects, Discovery & Exploration, Poetry, Drama & Criticism, Genres, Norse & Icelandic Sagas
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ISBN (alternative notations): 9979-3-2035-4, 978-9979-3-2035-7
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The Wineland Millennium: Saga and EvidencePall Bergporsson, Translator: Anna Yates: The Wineland Millennium: Saga and Evidence
ISBN: 9789979320357

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