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9789979330455 - Iceland Tectonic Map

Iceland Tectonic Map (?)

ISBN: 9789979330455 (?) or 9979330457, in english, Mal og menning, New

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A tectonic map of Iceland by Mál og menning in cooperation with the Icelandic Institute of Natural History. It provides an insight into the country’s geological structure and tectonic activity, with multilingual notes on the reverse explaining some of the features portrayed.The general geology is classified on this map by age rather than by type, through clearly distinguished colours. The Miocene and Pliocene epochs are represented in Iceland and they are subdivided here into 7 age bands, from lower Miocene to post-glacial lava flows < 14,000 years old. Active and extinct volcanic systems are indicated along with their associated calderas, axial rift zones, fissure swarms, offrift flank zones, dike and fault swarms, and domains of central volcanoes. Other details include anticlinal and synclinal axes, dips directions, faults and fractures, unconformities and monoclinic flexure zones.The basic topographic information shows glaciers, 100m contours, spot heights, built-up areas, rivers, lakes and a selection of landmarks, ie. churches, farms and power stations. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 1º and 30’ intervals respectively.The legend and explanatory notes are in English, Icelandic, German and French. 100x70cm
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ISBN (alternative notations): 9979-3-3045-7, 978-9979-3-3045-5


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