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Learning Icelandic (Course) 2016 -compare every offer

9789979336112 - Audur Einarsdottir: Learning Icelandic (Course) 2016
Audur Einarsdottir (?):

Learning Icelandic (Course) 2016 (2016) (?)

ISBN: 9789979336112 (?) or 9979336110, unknown language, 160 pages, Mal Og Menning,Iceland, Paperback, New

ISK 6,442 (£ 38.85)¹ + Shipping: ISK 496 (£ 2.99)¹ = ISK 6,938 (£ 41.84)¹(without obligation)
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From Seller/Antiquarian, browns-books
paperback, Label: Mal Og Menning,Iceland, Mal Og Menning,Iceland, Product group: Book, Published: 2016-05-02, Release date: 2016-05-02, Studio: Mal Og Menning,Iceland, Sales rank: 398150
Platform order number VPbfv5Je6M3LOfeibFtFsAXYsMYYtc 1B059tQFkV7gqyk9WLS55PPwVdd%2B YcgZGbKxupdeL%2BgPvW6YB%2FmhUj utn4G1goQHC9zJIwvJTImnoitUgHgS 0YA4P74CYNX6GQFqezQ0QQQD7nVWdf WpcArQ%3D%3D
Keywords: Key Stages 1-4, Grammar, dictionaries & phrasebooks, English as a Foreign Language, By Language, Books, Languages, Anthropology, Archaeology, Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Discrimination & Racism, Gender Studies, Gerontology, Human Geography, Law & Disorder, Linguistics, Methodology & Research, Multicultural Studies, Reference, Social Issues, Sociology, Urban & Rural Planning, Women's Studies, Society, Politics & Philosophy, Social Sciences
Data from 05/11/2017 13:52h
ISBN (alternative notations): 9979-3-3611-0, 978-9979-3-3611-2


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